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Usage Policy

On this site, we treat the privacy of the site users with the utmost respect.

At we value your privacy and therefore below we present you the following conditions in order to clarify the privacy policy used on the site including a description of how the site operators use information, its collection and uses.

What personally identifiable information do we keep and how do we use it?

Below is the information we keep from surfers who leave details on their own initiative so that we can contact them: full name, e-mail address and phone number.

What non-identifying information do we store and how do we process and use it?

Anonymous information is actually based on cookies and we do not have access to it, but it can be used by us for targeting purposes, to advertise to an audience that has already visited the site, on other platforms (such as, for example, Google or Facebook).

Do we use cookies?

Yes, we store a cookie when surfers visit the site for the purpose of remarketing on other platforms (such as Google and Facebook)

Can you change or delete information?

You can send us an e-mail message and ask us to remove your personal information.

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