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Alhambra bucket

Land of milk and honey

Israeli wine tasting

Every wine has a story

Between the green Golan Mountains in the north and the arid desert sands in the south, each wine has its own flavor and aroma story. The sheep's and goat's cheeses that come from family dairies, the honey from the citrus flowers, are all small dishes that combine excellent raw materials with stories and experiences from the producers.

Join us for a tasting workshop, where we will get to know the Israeli raw materials, with the local aroma and terroir.

In the two-hour workshop we will learn how to taste wine, and identify the unique flavors that make it up, we will taste cheeses with original flavors, some of which have won awards from all over the world. We will complete the experience by tasting small dishes consisting of all the best that Israel has to offer.

How to order?

Fill out the form or contact Aviel on WhatsApp and we will be happy to coordinate

Good to know

what are we eating?

Wine tasting and local raw material

How many people is it suitable for?

4-25 people (we have other workshops suitable for more people)


With us at the Alhambra bucket or at your office


The price depends on the number of participants. Fill out the form and we'll get back with an organized offer

How long is the workshop?

The duration of the workshop is about two hours

In the afternoon/evening, Sunday to Thursday

Good to know

The workshop is kosher without a kosher certificate

We do not work on Shabbat and all products are kosher

How to order?

Fill out the form or contact Aviel on WhatsApp and we will be happy to coordinate

A light and magical atmosphere

A worthwhile deli that is also a cafe and wine shop in a light and magical atmosphere.
The menu at the place is based on seasonal and local delicatessen products, the so-called farm 2 table.
We sat outside on the sidewalk overlooking the yet-to-be-opened light rail and drank Israeli wine from the north.
We enjoyed a plate of Israeli farm cheeses, vegetables, homemade dips and bread.

Adi Ezra

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