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Bat Shlomo, Shesk Lev Adam

An experience from the field to the table

A complete experience that combines a tour of a farm, harvesting, and a complete meal from local produce.

Food | wine | A nature that gives air to breathe

You start a tour of the field, hear the story of the garden and learn a little about the types of vegetables that grow there, pick and taste organic vegetables straight from the ground.

Immediately after, we gather around a table in the field for brunch of vegetables from the garden and other excellent produce from Israel.

With birds in the background and the view of long beds of vegetables, we cook right next to you so you can learn how to create a delicious and colorful meal from the produce.

There is not much more to say, what is left for you is to experience with us the 'farm to table' experience

See you, Maviel and dear!

How to order?

Fill out the form or contact Aviel on WhatsApp and we will be happy to coordinate

Good to know


About 50 minutes in the center, Bat Shlomo, Shesk Lev Adam

what are we eating?

Whatever the field will provide in season, our cooking will be intuitive, authentic, rich and varied cooking, various roasted vegetable dishes, special vegetables and salads, pasta or another main dish and, of course, sweet at the end.

You can add 3 Israeli wine tastings.

Some? Special launch price

The price depends on the number of participants. Fill out the form and we'll get back with an organized offer

Kosher - under the supervision of Zahar

The tour is kosher without a kosher certificate

We do not work on Shabbat and all products are kosher

More details

Aviel 052-325-5370

How to order?

Fill out the form or contact Aviel on WhatsApp and we will be happy to coordinate

Every bite was a delight

And an experience that cannot be described in words!
From start to finish, Yakir and his team taught, pampered and created a culinary experience out of this world! The multitude of colors and flavors were amazing, every bite was a pleasure!

Waiting for the next meal. Huge thanks

Jackie Moss

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