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Cooking workshops, Israeli cuisine

Raise a toast in honor of the new year or celebrate the end of another successful quarter...

An Israeli culinary experience

Team building workshops, toasts or celebration of the end of another successful quarter
An authentic and enriching experience, a festive toast accompanied by a rich meal and local cuisine. Together we will support the fresh and wonderful Israeli agriculture. You are invited to join a unique and exciting experience!

We believe that a good experience does not end only at the event itself but also continues to reverberate after with the knowledge and skill that employees take home with them.

Cooking workshop for employees We will start the experience with a festive toast, and move on to a delicious and elaborate tapas meal. During the meal, we will tell the story of the local farms and the special wineries that characterize Israeli agriculture and cuisine.

Formation workshops for the Simple Tastes team will make your experience unforgettable. These formation workshops are perfect for teams looking to connect, learn and have fun together.

Cooking workshops in the office The workshop takes place at your office and offers a combination of learning and fun. Suitable for both teams and managers.

Workshops for companies We arranged for you everything you dreamed of in one place! Especially suitable for companies looking for formation workshops, formation workshops for managers and cooking workshops for employees, and want to combine learning, fun and formation.

How to order?

Fill out the form or contact Aviel on WhatsApp and we will be happy to coordinate

Good to know


Our workshops are kosher, they do not work on Saturdays. Kosher, vegetarian and fish wines (without a formal kosher certificate).


Everything is possible, on any budget! Fill out the form and we'll get back with an organized offer


Adjustments and changes to dishes can always be made.

The size of the event

From 10 to 400 participants, depending on the size of the place (for small events up to 30 people, you can do it at our deli).

How to order?

Fill out the form or contact Aviel on WhatsApp and we will be happy to coordinate

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