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Growth tour - from the field to the table in the Gaza Envelope
Growth tour - from the field to the table in the Gaza Envelope

Thu, Aug 22


Wraps Gaza - Reim parking lot and organic farm

Growth tour - from the field to the table in the Gaza Envelope

South Red - 🌱 as a sign of regrowth

Aug 22, 2024, 11:30 AM – 2:30 PM

Wraps Gaza - Reim parking lot and organic farm, Israel


Farm To Table Experience


Reim parking lot, organic farm

:What to do

We at 'Farm to Table Israel' bring together people who love food and quality raw material with the farmers who stand behind the best produce we have in Israel

With the help of an activity and a fresh meal from raw materials that have just been harvested, we will connect between man and man and between man and the earth

Precisely at this period in the history of the State of Israel, it is important for us to support and strengthen our land around Gaza. There we will see the revival and growth of agriculture in the region

At 9:00 we will leave the center towards the Reim parking lot, where we will connect to the 7/10 disaster at the commemoration site for the Nova party

Then, a visit to the organic farm, the farm of the Moore family. First generation young farmers who establish an organic farm alongside their family

An experience of about 3 hours in which we will go on an interactive tour of the field and pick and gather vegetables that will later become a rich meal. On the tour we will explain the methods for growing vegetables, agricultural technologies, we will taste vegetables straight from the ground, we will explain how to maintain fertile soil and what to do with the vegetable remains

We will support and strengthen agriculture in the Gaza Envelope in a complex time like this

We will have a meal in Renatz in the heart of the field from the produce we picked

:important details

The tour is kosher without a kosher certificate

We do not work on Shabbat and all products are kosher

*!Special launch price*

*Order tickets on the website, payment will be made by phone after ordering*


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  • a ticket for two




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