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Events and workshops for businesses

Formation workshops and unforgettable team days for companies and organizations.

What we offer

Experiences in nature, tours, cooking workshops and packages for companies and businesses

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indoor | Up to 15 participants 3 hours

Culinary workshops

In a unique workshop space in North Jaffa, we offer cooking workshops for up to 20 participants. Learn to cook seasonal dishes with local produce in a historic and authentic atmosphere.

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Outdoor | Up to 25 participants 3 hours

in the forest

Collecting plants, tasting wine and creating a meal from nature. A fun day that combines learning and enjoyment in nature.


Indoor | עד 25 משתתפים | 3 שעות

Tasting tours in Jaffa

Join the tour of Jerusalem Avenue and discover the history and unique flavors of the avenue. A fascinating tasting experience that includes delicatessens, fish shops, butchers and spices.

at your office

indoor | There is no limit on participants

in the office

Toasts and celebrations in the office with rich meals and local culinary experiences. We will celebrate Shavuot together, the New Year or the end of a successful quarter.

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Bat Shlomo Outdoor | Up to 25 participants 3 hours

Experience from the field to the table

Come for a tour of a farm, picking organic vegetables and a meal from local produce. A complete experience that connects flavors, people and land.


indoor | Up to 20 participants Buffet or serving

Private events

חוויות אירוח קולינריות ייחודיות וחד פעמית, אידיאלית לאירועי בוטיק פרטיים ועסקיים עד 25 אנשים.

חוויות גיבוש ואירועים עם Farm to Table Israel

Field experiences from the field to the table that combine formation days and team building activities, end-to-end culinary experiences, we take care of everything, come as you are.
Go on personalized tours with experiences that combine wine, cheeses and fish, vegetables and fruits, man and earth.

The experiences happen wherever you choose, from our workshop space in Jaffa, through the selection of farms and wineries throughout Israel, to your office.

Looking for a special way to refresh your team? Cooking workshops for managers, unforgettable events - formation events, fun days, workshops for groups, formation workshops, cooking workshops for groups, team building activities and opportunities for partnership, gift card.

Why choose us?

Personal customization

Adapting experiences according to your needs and budget.

Professionalism and experience

A skilled team that guarantees a successful and valuable event.

Local produce

Use of fresh and high-quality raw materials from Israeli agriculture.

We became close friends

A company event for 15 people
Amazing! Very tasty, very pleasant. Feeling that we have reached close friends! We discovered new things about the flavors of the country. great experience. It is highly recommended! We will definitely return for a tasting evening

Yana Parshin

Questions and Answers

  • Some
    Prices and budget, we will be happy if you pass them on to us, everything is possible!
  • cosher
    The workshop is kosher without a kosher certificate We do not work on Shabbat and all products are kosher
  • menu
    Adjustments and changes to dishes can always be made
  • Some people
    The number of people starts from 10 to 400 people. Depends on the size of the place (for small events up to 30 people, you can do it at our deli)

Contact us

To coordinate a cooking workshop, or a formation event for your team.

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